Over the past 20 years, Europe has become one of the most visited and popular travel destinations for Indian tourists. One of the catalysts in the growth of Indian travelers to Europe was the introduction of Indian food being easily available in European countries, which was first recognized by our founder - Mr. Homiyar Antalia. In the early 1980s Mr. Antalia identified the need for specialized Indian cuisine to cater to the dietary requirements of many of these travelers and the idea of Indian Kitchen Caravans was formed, which eventually revolutionized the way Indian tourists traveled forever. He was a pioneer in ensuring that an Indian traveler could completely enjoy a European tour only by catering to their superior standards of strict Indian vegetarian diets. Successfully catering to such a niche market for over 20 years has allowed GourmIndia to master the technique of catering Indian cuisine in Europe, delivering excellent service to all of our clients. Partnering with local organizations, we provide quality service in accordance with the appropriate rules, regulations and requirements of each location.
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Indischen Spezialitätenkoch Catering (m/w)
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April 2018

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Wir suchen für unser Catering Team Köche die bereits Erfahrung mit Grossküchen haben, Gesellschaften von bis zu 400 Personen bekochen können und die Finesse und Qualität der indischen Küche kennen.


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